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Free and instant nano payments

BrainBlocks offers online and in-store "Pay with NANO" solutions with no fees and instant settlement.

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Payments are cryptographically secured and a global network of validators prevents forgery.


There is no fee to send or accept payments via BrainBlocks. We make money from optional value-adds.


Don't wait a week for your money to arrive in your account. BrainBlocks payments are in your account within seconds.


BrainBlocks is built on Nano — a decentralised, global and environmentally friendly third-generation cryptocurrency.

Manage Your NANO

BrainBlocks Wallet

The BrainBlocks Wallet is the easiest way to manage NANO any time, anywhere in the world. Send, Receive, and Trade NANO directly in the BrainBlocks Wallet with a free account.

Trade your NANO within the BrainBlocks Wallet today for an easy to understand and convenient experience at the lowest fees powered by ChangeNOW.

Open the Wallet

BrainBlocks Wallet
BrainBlocks PoS App

Accept NANO In-Store

Point of Sale app

The BrainBlocks PoS app is the easiest way to accept NANO in your physical store. It's free to use, and works on any device.

Open the app

Accept NANO online

The BrainBlocks "Pay with NANO" button is simple to add to your eCommerce website or web-app.

Try clicking the button below to donate 0.001 NANO to BrainBlocks. Or, add your own NANO address to send to yourself instead.


Add to your site

<!-- 1. Place the button somewhere in your HTML -->
<div id="nano-button"></div>

<!-- 2. Add the BrainBlocks script -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- 3. Render the button -->
<script type="text/javascript">
  // Render the Nano button

    // Pass in payment options
    payment: {
      currency: 'rai',
      amount: '1000',
      destination: 'xrb_1brainb3zz81wmhxndsbrjb94hx3fhr1fyydmg6iresyk76f3k7y7jiazoji'

    // Handle successful payments
    onPayment: function(data) {
      // 4. Call BrainBlocks API to verify data.token
      // See tab #2
  }, '#nano-button');

OR, use our plugins for Shopify or WooCommerce.