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brainblocks - instant, easy nano checkout

1. Try the button

Click the button and try sending 0.001 NANO to the address

2. Copy and paste the code

Place the code somewhere on your site, and make sure to handle successful payments

<div id="nano-button"></div>

<script src=""></script>
    // Render the Nano button


        // Pass in payment options
        payment: {
            destination: 'nano_1brainb3zz81wmhxndsbrjb94hx3fhr1fyydmg6iresyk76f3k7y7jiazoji',
            currency:    'rai',
            amount:      '1000'

        // Handle successful payments
        onPayment: function(data) {
            console.log('Payment successful!', data.token);

    }, '#nano-button');

Supported currencies:

aud, brl, cad, chf, clp, cny, czk, dkk, eur, gbp, hkd, huf, idr, ils, inr, jpy, krw, mxn, myr, nok, nzd, php, pkr, pln, rub, sek, sgd, thb, try, usd, twd, zar

3. Verify transaction

Call the brainblocks api to verify the transaction. Make sure the transaction is fulfilled, the amount, currency and destination match what you expect, and the token is unique (to avoid replays).

> curl<token>/verify

    "token": "ZXlKaGJHY...",
    "destination": "xrb_164xa...",
    "currency": "rai",
    "amount": "1000",
    "amount_rai": 1000,
    "received_rai": 1000,
    "fulfilled": true,
    "send_block": "0B36663...",
    "sender": "xrb_1jnat..."

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